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Default Olympus launches pro lens beyond the means of 99.999999% ofm4/3rds buyers

On 11/30/20 7:45 PM, RichA wrote:
On Monday, 30 November 2020 at 13:30:27 UTC-5, Alfred Molon wrote:
In article 265dc8ce-bac4-4692-a725-
, says...
Not saying the lens doesn't have merits, just that it's not going to sell to more than a handful of people in the m4/3rds camp whereas Canon, Nikon (maybe Sony) will sell a lens like this to
their considerably large pro segment.

Well, it seems that this lens is selling very well, so well that
Olympus can't meet the demand:
Alfred Molon

Olympus 4/3 and micro 4/3 cameras forum at photo sharing site

Petapixel is a whore site, willing to lap-up any story without any kind of criticality. It's quite possible they are "out of stock" if they produced 100 lenses in the first run for the whole planet, or something like that. But I've seen this kind of claim before and it's generally nonsense.

The article includes this quote from Olympus: "the delivery date varies
depending on the build-to-order manufacturing situation..." If the lens
is "build-to-order" then technically, it will always be sold-out, in a
pedantic manner of speaking.

(No comment regarding "whore site". I've wasted time on Petapizel
articles in the past. Usually the best info is gathered by following the
links that go elsewhere.)

Ken Hart