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On 2017-11-03 17:39, Alfred Molon wrote:
Caan anybody recommend an Android app which records position and
altitude, and later you can add that data to the exif of JPEGs and

Any trail logger that saves (or exports) date in .kml, .kmz, .gpx, .log
(NMEA sentences) should do the trick. But do check that it supports
altitude, esp. NMEA files as many do not record altitude.

Google Play is the source.
This looks promising:

I use a German product called "Trails" on my iPhone - alas not available
for Android.

I'm using O.I.Share for the E-M1 II but it doesn't record the

As a stopgap you could snap a photo with the Android camera and (if
properly set) that data would be saved in the snap for later transfer to
the other photos. (tedious).

Pretty much any "trail logger" can be used for what you want to do and
usually the "tagging" can be made automated in post process. You do
need to know the offset from "real time" to your camera's time in order
to do that - no big deal using exiftool. (ie: your time zone and the
difference between "correct" time and the camera's time (unless you
sync'd it all before going out).

Important note: GPS altitude * altitude above sea level of where you are
as the GPS ellipsoid is not referenced to sea level.