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Default Geotagging app

"Alfred Molon" wrote

| Caan anybody recommend an Android app which records position and
| altitude, and later you can add that data to the exif of JPEGs and RAWs?
| I'm using O.I.Share for the E-M1 II but it doesn't record the altitude.

I don't have an app suggestion, but a possible idea:
If you don't find it you might be able to rig up
something with Google maps, which does offer

Enter this URL into a browser and you'll get back the
elevation (in meters) for Boulder, CO. The text is
easily parsed and the whole thing can be automated.,-105.270545

That request returns this:

"results" : [
"elevation" : 1623.978393554688,
"location" : {
"lat" : 40.014985,
"lng" : -105.270545
"resolution" : 19.08790397644043
"status" : "OK"

But then of course there's the issue of auto-entering it
into your image files.