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Default Question for the master Roy G

"Bill K" wrote in message
Okay, said the student to the master, when I print a full bleed
(borderless) be it a photo, PS2 document, Quark document, even a word
document, the right and bottom are always cut off, almost a centimeter.
The printer settings are set at 8.5 by 11. I don't know how to correct
this it's driving me nuts. It's an Epson 1280, has the latest driver
and software and Epson hasn't responded for my requests for help. If
you can help I'll try to teach you something about photography.

Hi there, alligator foodstuff.

I also use that printer, but over here it is called the 1290.

Remember that here in the centre of civilised living, we use paper sizes
which are different from the colonies.

Size your print, (which you want to be full bleed), to the same as the paper
you are using.

Our A4 paper is 210mm x 297mm. (8.3 in x 11.7 in), and that is what I will
use for this example.

I assume you are using some version of PS.

First go to Print with Preview.

Then page Set up. Set paper size to A4 - 210 x 297 , then Port or

The click on "Printer" and "Properties" then "Paper" Tab.
Tick "No Margin" box, then ensure paper size is A4 (210 x 297), and Port or
Land as previous dialogue.

Then go back to Printer "Main" tab and select paper type. You will find
this is now limited to just 5 kinds.

The left out media are considered to be too flimsy when wet, all over, with
Ink, and might buckle or jam in the printer.

Make your colour Management selections if any and click OK. And Ok in both
the Page Setup screens.

You will now be back at the Print with Preview dialogue.

In the Preview Window you should see the Print filling the Paper Space.

Click on Print, and you will get the warning "Print is larger than Paper",
but this can be ignored, becuse the Printer scales the image up slightly to
ensure Ink goes right to edge of paper. In fact some will go over the

This all means you will get a very slight crop off all sides.

Click on "Proceed", and you will get the Printer Box again. Click on
Properties and ensure everything is as you selected earlier.

Click Ok until you get the Print in Progress box, and just sit back and
wait, or like me keep peering inside to make sure it is printing.

Have fun, let me know if this does not seem right, or does not work for you.

Actually I use "No Margins" quite a lot, but never for a Print the same size
as the paper.

I only use it to get equal margins at left and right of Landscape shots.
Unequal margins at top and bottom of Portraits are not a problem, so long as
the big one is at the bottom.

Roy G