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Mike - EMAIL IGNORED wrote:

I need a 72 Tiffen 812 filter for my:
Nikon 24-85 f/2.8-4.0D IF Autofocus lens.
I see that a "wide angle" version of the
filter is available at considerably higher
price. Is this required? What are its

That is a "thin" version that increases the length of the front
end as little as possible to prevent vignetting at wide angle
and/or widest aperture.

These thin versions usually don't have the female thread on the
front and hence no other filters can be stacked on.

I would think that for your lens, as long as you use one filter
only (eg: remove any "protective" filter before adding the 812)
that the vignetting might nor occur at all with only that filter
in place.

If you've seen vignetting in your wide angle shots, then it might
be a good idea to get the thin version and use it w/o a skylight
or UV filter in place.


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