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On Thu, 17 Mar 2011 08:06:27 -0700 (PDT), Cheesehead

I was able to pick up a Fujinon-W 300/5.6 in a Copal 3 for a really
good price.
It was really good since the rear cell has some separation beginning
out at the edges.
It will be a while before it affects the image (it's just out on the
edges right now),
but the price was good enough that I normally I would have gotten the
shutter alone for the price paid.
I'm going to use it for a while and enjoy it while keeping my eyes
open for two sets of cells
1) 450/9 nikkor-m
2) 240/5.6 nikkor-w

And maybe a replacement Fujinon rear cell, if one shows up somewhere.
Looks like an post is in order.

Mind if I ask what you paid for it? I have a similar Fujinon-W with
beginning separation, totally obscured by f/11 so not a problem in
practical situations. I'm considering selling it since it's too
heavy for the front standards of any of my cameras.


Agree 100% with the suggestion of 250/6.7 Fujinon. It's
also a lot smaller than the Nikkor, being in a Copal 1.