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Default Any advantages of conventional over digital?

On Mon, 13 Oct 2003 21:56:04 -0400, "Francis A. Miniter"

Bob Sull wrote:


You don't need a computer. You don't need a photo quality printer.
and paper are expensive) You don't need special software, You don't
have to spend time in front of the computer looking at your shots.
(Drop the film off and pick it up the next day or when you are done
shopping) You don't have to print, with your computer and printer and
software and your time, the shots you want to share with friends. The
faster the printer, the more expensive it is.

You don't need any of this stuff to go digital either if you really
want to. There are plenty of places where you can take your memory
card and
get prints done, and a CD with all the images (think film neagatives
At its simplest, a digital camera is like using film except you can
the pics on the LCD after you have taken them, and only print the
ones you
want to keep.

Most people see using a computer with their digitals as an advantage
as they
can do their own "darkroom" tasks without the expense and hazardous

So the only advantage to digital is you see what you think you got
right away.....


Just yesterday I went out to buy a new scanner for my office. The the
old scanner and software on it had become obsolete and when the hard
disk supporting it crashed, I could not find the software disks to
reinstall it. So, new scanner, new software for scanning, new optical
recognition program. I am glad nothing importatant was lost - I think,

Francis A. Miniter

Most manufacturers' sites have software and drivers for their old
hardware on the support pages. Some time ago I set up a ratty old
Genius scanner for a friend this way. I'm aware you won't need this by
now unless you install it elsewhere but might be handy to know in the

- YD.

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