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Gordon Moat
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Philip Homburg wrote:

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Gordon Moat wrote:
That 15 mm has so much DoF, that see through the lens is not necessary.
Using a shoe mount finder works quite well with such a wide view.

The hyperfocal distance for 15/3.5 is more than 2 meters. The first test
photos I took with a 16/3.5 fisheye made it very clear: dof is still an

Very true, so I should qualify my statement a bit. The Voigtländer 15 mm has
distance markings on the lens barrel. Very good results can be accomplished by
guessing the distance, or using an external rangefinder to set the distance by the
lens scale. That ability to set the distance with a reasonable degree of accuracy
is what I meant by not needing to look through the lens. In practice, setting the
distance in that manner can give quite good results.


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