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Frank Pittel
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Default Camera eats batteries like crazy

There seems to be a problem with battery consumption with a number of the
EOS 3's. I have one with a power booster and even after 100's of rolls of
film in almost two years the lithium batteries I'm using are still going
strong. I think you have a problem with the camera and should get it checked
out ASAP.

Markus Malmqvist wrote:
: Hi,

: It seems like two last batteries have allowed exposing only couple of films.
: I have Canon EOS 3. I do not even use flash, and IS does not cause that kind
: of power loss.

: At the end of last year the camera got some water inside it, and was
: unusable for many hours. Perhaps water caused some slow damage?

: Holiday is coming, and now I am worried if I am able to take photos even if
: I reserve a pile of expensive batteries...

: --markus


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