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Markus Malmqvist
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Default Camera eats batteries like crazy

Yeah, I guess my EOS 3 never quite lasted as long with a 2CR5 as it should.
I though it was due to IS... And so I did not have the brain to get it
repaired. Now the problem has quickly turned out worse. The water damage
might have something to do with it, or not. I hope I can still take photos
during my vacation without using ten 2CR5... After that I can only hope
repair with reasonable price and duration.


My EOS3 ate batteries from new. Have had it repaired (now that I'm using

10D and can spare it being away!), and it's a different animal. Try

it with the 2CR5 reversed in its holder if you can't spare the few weeks

takes to repair it.

M Stewart
Milton Keynes, UK