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Default Dust on sensor?

I had the dReble for 2 years. I am careful about changing lenses in
dusty/windy environments. I never had to clean my sensor yet.

Get the large sized blower brush and remove the brush head. The smaller ones
are too weak.

The sensor has a glass cover over it with an AR coating. The dust gets on
this. Be careful not to scratch when cleaning - if the blower don't clear
the dust, that is.

Olympus has a ultra-sonic dust removal system on their DSLRs. I can't
comment on the effectiveness.

"phk" wrote in message
I've been reluctant to switch to DSLR because of the potential problems
with dirty sensors caused by the ability to remove the lens.

Is this a real problem with DSLRs, or not as bad as it seems. It
appears that Canon recommends use of a hand-held blower for dust
removal, but I wonder whether that actually works. Dust is often
tenacious and bonds itself to surfaces in ways that are resistant to
simple blowing. Maybe the best example is my eyeglasses. Once they
get dusty, only windex will clean them thoroughly.