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Bas v.d. Wiel
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On Fri, 01 Apr 2005 05:02:39 -0800, Eos wrote:

I would appreciate therefore any (easy) advice as to the best method to
produce a 100k image which is going to give the best quality but yet be
dispalyed at a reasonable size when sent.
( I understand quality v size is probably a trade off ) but your help
is appreciated as to date I havn't really had to bother in reducing
files for this purpose.


Size versus quality is an inevitable tradeoff. There is no easy way to
tell how much quality you have to sacrifice to get to a certain file size
since the complexity of the image plays a major role in the amount of
compression you can achieve while retaining acceptable visible quality. Of
course reduction in pixel size will always help while maintaining visible
quality so that's a good start. What's the minimum required pixel size for
your recipient? Once you have that, save the picture at that size and
start increasing compression (=reducing quality) until you get a file that
fits inside 100KB. My personal experience is that images don't suffer a
whole lot when using Photoshop's JPG compression setting 8 but still
compress quite well. Usually you can even go a few steps further down, but
editing the resulting JPG will be out of the question because of very
noticable compression artifacts. So do your editing on the orignal and
compress that.

Hope this helps