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Bob Williams
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news wrote:
Hi Jeff:

Try out some of the compact florescent replacement lamps. They don't
flicker. The colors is close to daylight and they last a long time. Also the
don't produce anywhere near as much heat as normal lamps. I got the idea
from an add I saw for a lighting setup in a camera catalog. They made a soft
box with 9 of compact florescent lamps to get near a 1000watts of light.
I've been using 2 of the 100 watt equivalent types in flood lamps fixtures
to light mineral specimens I like to photograph. One disadvantage is they
can't be used with any kind of light dimmer.

Here is the answer to your prayers.
I use Two 26 Watt Compact Fluorescents and they are excellent.
They have a CRI (Color Rendition Index) of 92 and a color temperature of
Bob Williams