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Alan Browne
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Default [SI] XXXI Critique

street shooter wrote:

Alan Browne

Another image that is a wonderful photograph of scenery, bu does
little to impart local culture. I also find it bothersome that you
PS'd out a street sign, but I realize that is a very subjective and
very individual ethical issue to be decided by each photographer
according to his own choice. I do wonder, though, if the street sign
might have imparted some identifier of locality.


I don't know if you read the "my shot" posting I put up regarding
this photo and attachment to local culture.

The roadsign (not streetsign) was a direction indicator to a
nearby highway. I photographed the same house from various
angles avoiding signs and wires, etc. The presented shot is one
of the most effective in presenting the house.

FWIW, here is the same shot w/ the roadsign.

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