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Default Canon EF long lens rental Florida US

"Roger N. Clark (change username to rnclark)" wrote in message ...
Michael C. Smith wrote:
I'd like to rent a Canon EF long lens to photograph birds at Ding
Darling National Wildlife Refuge, Sanibel Island, Florida, USA (300mm,
400mm, 500mm, or 600mm). I prefer to pick up the lens in Florida
instead of shipping it, as rental fees accumulate during the shipping
period. If you ship the lens overnight, that's at least 2 extra days
of rental (in which case a week-long rental may be more cost

What is a typical rental charge for, say, a 500mm lens?
I assume you would want insurance too.

Aperture Pro's (Miami) largest lens, a 400/2.8 L, rents for $125
daily, $500 weekly, and a $7,500 deposit. Adorama is $100 daily, $300
weekly, and $6,500.00 new. Adorama rents a 600mm/f4 (call for price).
Insurance isn't listed; thanks for the reminder.

If it is as high I think it is, and considering how wonderful
a big lens is, might iot not be better to take out a
loan and just get one? ..

SWMBO (She Who Must Be Obeyed). Need I say more? I hope to get
one some day. The Canon 400mm f/4 DO is intriguing , only 4.3
lb/1,940g, light enough for hand holding. o=5

Is 400mm too short for birding? I can afford (monetarily and
politically) only one long lens.

On a separate note, if you never been to Ding Darling, be
aware that opportunities are hit or miss. I've been to it
a fair number of times the last couple of years and
many hours, even a full day can go by with not much.
But if it is slow at Ding, there are other wonderful
places to go too.


Thanks for you suggestions, Roger. Great images & info on your site!
...Mike Smith . Silver Spring, Maryland, USA

Does anyone know a shop in southern Florida that rents?

Should no one answer, the following may help someone in the future.
Harmon Photo, Ft. Myers, FL doesn't rent

Companies that will rent & ship to your location:
Aperture Professional, Miami, Florida. Miami is 3.5 hours (per Yahoo)
from from Sanibel.
Carousel Studios, Miami, FL.
Samy's Camera, Los Angeles, California CA.
Adorama, New York, NY.
ACECamera manufacturer & rental links; Doug Clifford.