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Bill Hilton
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Default Canon EF long lens rental Florida US

From: (Michael C. Smith)

Good find, Bill, thanks!

Out of curiosity (and a wish to be search engine savvy), how did you
mine this nugget?

I bought Arthur's book on bird photography a few years back and took a workshop
with him once. I'm on his mailing list and remembered this particular Bulletin
about rentals, by chance.

Since you're going to Ding for birds you might enjoy getting his Bulletins
direct, it's free and there are usually some good tips and pics in them.

When are you going to Ding? I've shot there in Dec, Feb, March and April and
wonder if it's very good much later than that (like, now)? You might also try
Corkscrew Swamp if it's overcast and you have fill flash or Venice Rookery for
great close-up egret and heron shots in the winter and spring ... Roger C
(other responder to your post) has a lot of excellent shots from Venice on his

Good luck.