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But not at Pen-tax HQ obviously! It's ugly as pizza on the payment but
is it the new Fuji APS-C X sensor the KP sports behind the Baeyer

What's so special about this camera....? Ok, it has 5 axis
stabilisation, but otherwise?

It obviously does not take advantage of it's small half frame sensor
like the new Fuji X-T20 and EOS M5 and thus making the camera compact
and light...
teleportation kills

For now, like Nikon, Pentax is sticking to the traditional DSLR path. I guess
making a whole new lens line-up (while their existing DSLR lens line is
somewhat deficient itself) is more costly than Ricoh will pony-up for.

You can get wired EF2EF-M adaptors for US50 and those work well. Nothing
stops Pentax and others to offer that solution too.
teleportation kills