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Default LED flashlight (torch light) as cheap video light

(1) My camera (Canon S2 IS) doesn't come with a shoe. It can take very
good video in good light conditions, but the quality deteriorates
quickly with the light.
(2) My camcorder doesn't have builti-in video light, but came with a
shoe. Most external video lights are expensive and cheap ones take
several hours to charge and produce only a few minutes of light.

I wanted to experiment with small and cheap LED flashlights and see
how they might work as video lights.

I found this 9 LED flashlight on Amazon for $5 with conditional free

I used this flashlight and took a short video using my digital camera
in low light conditions. I have posted the video at:

Please note that I am not making any recommendations. I am just
posting my observations for the benefit of others who may be thinking
the way I was. I am sure an external video light with its own stand
would be much better option.

This particular flashlight is small enought to fit in my camera bag
along with the other portable accessories such as a small tripod, lens
cleaning kit, spare batteries, and memory cards that I always carry.

I am now trying to figure out how to mount a foot (tongue?) to this
flashlight so I can use it in my camcorder's shoe without having to
hold it in my hand.