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Default DxO Pro Optics & Teleconverters

I just thought I'd pass along my tip to be able use supported
camera/lens modules as a starting point while using a teleconverter as
well. DxO Pro Optics uses several of exif parameters to identify
supported camera/lens combinations. Using a teleconverter will modify
these parameters to the point the combination will no longer be
recognized and the appropriate lens module will not be used for
corrections. So, all one needs to do is modify the pertinent exif
fields to allow the lens to be again recognized as one which is
supported. Depending upon the available supported lenses for your
camera body this may mean only the focal length or maybe minimum
aperture and focal length. I use exiftools/exiftoolgui to do this in
batch mode to make these mods. Of course I keep back ups of the
original raw files and use a specific FL to denote modified data, say
399 mm for my 200-400 f/4

It's a start and you can always turn off the corrections or modify
their strength with a factor of 0-100%