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Default Scanning photos onto one's hard drive - why are the photos clearerthan the scan

Patrick Briggs wrote:
Hi Rudy,

I'm using 600 DPI and knocking the image size down to 1100 x 700 pixels.
It produces images ranging from 450 to 700 kilobytes in size.

Is there more information I can provide that would help deduce either if
I'm doing the scan wrong or if I need a more up-to-date scanner?

Thank you!



Rudy Benner wrote:

"Patrick Briggs" wrote in message


Does anybody understand why when one scans photos off an Epson 1200
Perfection (not accurate I think) scanner the results are slightly
less sharp than looking at the photo itself.

I wonder if it's something to do with older scanner technology (it's
a 5 year old scanner at least) or just a reality of scanning photos
with consumer scanners. I assume that $1000 scanners used by ad
agencies don't have this problem.

If this is the wrong group to posts this to, does anybody know of a
newsgroup that would be able to help?

Thanks in advance.



What resolution setting are you using?

What size photo are you scanning? Unless you are
scanning a very small photo like 2" x 1" you
aren't doing something right. If you expect you
scanned photo to look like the printed photo, you
need to scan at 600, which you said you are doing,
and then print it without changing the resolution.
I don't understand the "knocking it down to 1100
x 700 pixels." And why would the size be 450-700
kilobytes, if should be much larger?

If you are scanning a 4x6 print then your pixel
numbers are the equivalent of scanning at less
than 200 which will give you a lousy print.

If you want a scanned picture to have about the
same quality as the photo being scanned, then scan
it at 300-600 and print it at the same size as the

Like others said ask in Comp.periphs.scanners