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Default White Background


I have encountered this with a Fuji S2. The flash setting seems to be
slightly warm. You can correct the white balance with appropriate
software-even the free Picasa from Google. It has several ways of sorting
out these problems.


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Galtrey Wrote:
I have been trying to photograph some items for my company brocure and
bought a "light cube" to give me a white background, but background
comes out yellow, never white?

I have tried using extra lighting to saturate teh cube, but it makes no
difference, also tried over exposing, using a zoom lens etc.

Using a Dimage Z2 digital camera, flash position is an issue on close
up, but even from a distance I cant make item being photographed look
like it does in professional mags etc?


Is the light a tungsten bulb? If so tungsten light is actually
orange/yellow. If you were shooting with film you could get a tungsten
balanced film, but im afraid i dont really know anything about digital,
but you should be able to go on to your settings and change the white