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Don Noble
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Default Stiff-Focusing Canon Zoom Lens FD

Hi, all.
Just got a Canon Zoom Lens FD 70-210mm 1:4 lens, one of the newer style
"twist-on" breech lock mounts. It was advertised as not focussing properly,
which I assumed meant one of the lens elements was out of place or something
like that.
However, it's not that bad: the focussing ring is just very stiff to
twist. It's relatively smooth and slides back and forth on the barrel with
only negligible binding. Focussing is good and sharp.
Anyone have any experience working on these or similar lenses? What type
of lube would I use when I disassemble it? I have a repair manual on the way
but I'm trying to get some advance feel for what to expect.

Thanks for the info!