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Default A Few Shots From South Africa

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On Friday, 23 February 2018 13:07:20 UTC-5, Savageduck wrote:

I like the shots, the colour is well-saturated. In my opinion, my favorite
is the boats and hillside shot because the hillside and boats kind of fuse to
make one geometric triangle that dominates the shot.

Yes but the boats all have a blue hue from the sea and sky reflections,
if I'm referring to the same one as you:

Surely this can be corrected post-processing

I have to agree, the boats do seem to be a bit too blue. As I have said
elsewhere in the thread, I am still on the road in South Africa, and I
pretty much posted quick edits using my iPad. That said, here is another
rendition with a selective temp adjustment to the boats.

You haven't got that vacation thing down right!

Not exactly. ;-)

With 10 hours difference between California, and Cape Town, I find myself
awake at odd times. So what is a guy with a camera, and WiFi connection to

Cruse? Geting that Southern Cross on file? I've got to understand that
the opportunities for astro are amazing in southern Africa. :-))

The place to go to get the best, clear night Southern sky shots would be
about 150 miles ( 242km) North of Cape Town at Sutherland. That is also
where SALT, the South African Large Telescope (the largest in the Southern
hemisphere), and the South African Astronomical Observatory are located.

Sure, happy days! Spectrography is very interesting... The real Hubble
killer would be this one though:

teleportation kills

Until the James Webb Space Telescope comes online in 2019.

Then it will be a Hubble killer still! "The VLTI can achieve an angular
resolution of milliarcseconds, equivalent to the ability to see the
headlights of a car on the moon." :-))

But there aren't any car headlights on the moon to see ;-P

teleportation kills

And you know that how? Things change you know...
teleportation kills

Can you tell me which apollo mission (or any other) that took car
headlights to the moon. ?

None. But the lunatics seem to get out of their caves elsewhere...

I'll be moving a few blocks while my flat, and its building gets a well
needed makeover and will thus be off line for some time...
teleportation kills