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Default #### How To Turn Your Dull Website into Money Making Website####

Breakthrough - How To Turn Your Dull Website into Money Making Website

100% Free Tool to Improve your Conversion Rate & Boost Website Sales

ClickTale - Highly Recommended Tool to Boost Conversion Rates and Sell
Products ...

It provides wonderful HEATMAPS -A Movie on how a visitor scroll any

* Lets you view movies of how each one of your visitors has been
looking at your web page.
* Provides number of visitors to each page.
* How many pages on your website to which each visitor clicked.
* How long each visitor stayed on your website.
* The time spent on each part of your web page
* The number of clicks made to each of the links on your pages.
* The favorite entry pages on your site.
* The exit pages on your website: great information for where to place
exit pop-ups or final opt-in form offers.
* Perhaps also final product offers at reduced prices.
* A forum of members so that you can talk to each other.

PLUS, It's absolutely is FREE to Start.