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Default Resolving power of a sensor.

On Nov 24, 12:26 pm, Douglas wrote:
(nothing but crap)

And if my first repost wasn't sufficient, then there was *this*
posting by Doug:

http:...(link no longer valid).. is a 10D image I enlarged with Genuine Fractals 3.0.
It is 24" x 36" and about 2 years old. The print image is well over 100 mega-
bytes in size and highly detailed. This picture is as clear and sharp as a
Cibachrome (Illfochrome) print made from a 6x7 cm transparency. "

But now, Doug seems to have a very different view.

When his mouth runs like that (and it happens so often it is
embarrassing) the final result is.. zero cred. Well deserved, so

Doug, feel free to offer more insults rather than explain why you keep
changing your mind, and keep refusing to show examples to prove your
point. That way you *certify* your credibility level.