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Nostrobino wrote:

You're right there. I first saw it misused in this way on the old Fidonet,
some time before I had access to the Internet per se. That was back in my
386 days, so probably 1991 or so.

Google has a pretty long memory on this sort of thing. Here's what I
could find:

Eric Thomas, Sep 12 1990, 9:21 am

"I have used it once on a Sigma 400/5.6 to make pictures of the moon,
but the results were disappointing; to get good results, you need a
prime or perhaps a "first class" zoom like the 80-200/2.8ED (I don't own
one so I've never tried)."

Eric Thomas, Sep 25 1990, 9:14 pm

"I have a Leitz Colorplan 90, which is supposed to be one of the best,
and I fine-tune the focus for the area of the slide I'm looking at, but
I still can't tell the difference between some of the shots with the
sharpest lenses. However, I can very definitely tell a zoom from a prime
and a bad f-stop from a good one. But be careful, using the lens that
came with the slide projector I can't see much of a difference between
the various slides... "

Wilson Heydt, Jun 26 1991, 2:22 am

"I won't argue the merits of autofocus, but I have found that in
low-light, a fast prime lens will beat a zoom every time."