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Default digital camera battery use

Not4wood wrote:
LOL, thats why you have more then one. While one is dying you already have
a fully charged battery waiting to go.
If its a real important job, you will have a charger setup in one corner
some where charging the battery that was just pulled and another one or two
still charged in your pocket also waiting to be used.

If its an important job, you dont want to have packs of AA's flying around
that might not last half as long as a fully recharged Lithium.

No professional or prosumer digital SLRs use AA batteries, so I don't
think any "important job" would have AA's anyway, unless someone is
using AA trays in a vertical grip. In that case, the AA's are already in
a tray and can be quickly swapped. though not easily recharged as you'd
need two chargers or a six cell charger. I think that the only current
production D-SLR that uses AA batteries is the Pentax K100D/K110D, which
is a very entry-level model that no professional would ever use.