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Default digital camera battery use

LOL, thats why you have more then one. While one is dying you already have
a fully charged battery waiting to go.
If its a real important job, you will have a charger setup in one corner
some where charging the battery that was just pulled and another one or two
still charged in your pocket also waiting to be used.

If its an important job, you dont want to have packs of AA's flying around
that might not last half as long as a fully recharged Lithium.


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On Sun, 04 Nov 2007 08:54:13 -0800, "

I am shopping for a new digital camera that would cost under $150.
My question, is the battery usage of all digital camera the same, or
do some cameras need battery replacement less frequently than others?

best, Aaron

Generally speaking replacing batteries in a digital camera is not

Just because you use rechargeable batteries doesn't mean you don't have to
replace them. When the set in the camera go dead, you need to put a fresh
set in. Unless you are willing to stop what you are doing and wait for
the only set you have to recharge. I think the OP is looking for long
battery life so he doesn't have to swap out a set of cells or recharge
very often. Also all rechargeable cells can only be recharged a certain
number of times before they need to be replaced. The more shots you can
take before recharging the longer the cells are going to last.

Chris W

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