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Default digital camera battery use

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I am shopping for a new digital camera that would cost under $150.
My question, is the battery usage of all digital camera the same, or
do some cameras need battery replacement less frequently than others?

Two completely different questions.

Digital cameras generally differ in their battery usage. There is
a standard way to measure how many shots a camera can take on a fresh
charge. The various camera review sites report these things. See, for example.

It's probably true that for the typical snapshooter the camera will
become obsolete before the batteries need replacement. Li-ion batteries
are supposed to have useful lives of at least three years from date
of manufacture. I have two that are 16 months old and doing fine.
My experience with NiMH batteries is that it varies. I bought three
sets of four in 2001 and rotated them through an Oly C-700. One set
stopped holding a charge at about five years. The other two are
rotating through a short wave radio to see how long they'll go.

Paul Allen