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Default SanDisk Ultra II 2.0GB

DoN. Nichols wrote:
According to Jürgen Exner :
I have the Epson Stylus PhotoRX500 It will not read nor even
recognize this new memory card.

Welcome to the curse of SD. From
"Not all devices support SD 2.0GB cards. Please contact your device
manufacturer for details. "

Does any one know if there is anything I can do so that it will?

Rewrite the firmware in your printer or ask Epson if they have a firmware

Or use your computer to copy the images to two 1.0 GB cards --
assuming that you have verified that the printer will deal with those

Just run the card from your PC into your computer, it is easier than
replacing the printer.

I know it's not as convenient as popping the card into the printer, but
the RX500 pre-dates 2 GB SD cards.