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Default Compression in JPEG files in digital cameras

On Aug 18, 11:55 am, wrote:
I need some help in explaining the JPEG compression feature in digital
cameras. My camera (which likely is similar to most others) has the
feature to compress the photo JPEG files in the storage card. It also
has the choice to have different pixel sizes (example: 3000x2250,
2000x1500, 1024x768, etc). What is the difference of the above two

Tough question. My theory is that, assuming that jpeg compression is
optimized, that file size will be be the determination of image
quality. So, if you are wondering which will have a better image
quality: medium resolution at max quality (lowest compression) vs max
resolution at med quality (med compression), I would guess that the
one with a larger file size.

Of course, you should also do a sanity check by viewing both files
resampled to the same resolution (with antialiasing). For example, to
your screen resolution (1024x768 or whatever).