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Default Microtek 120TF Scanner - no support

On Aug 13, 12:04 am, Bob AZ wrote:
On Aug 10, 2:03?pm, viewerofrecphoto wrote:

Just an FYI to those of you with a Microtek 120TF
or Polaroid Sprintscan 120, or those considering
buying one.

Microtek does not sell replacement bulbs, and
does not repair them any longer.

Is the bulb visible enough to determine the bulb type? There are many
CFL bulbs, I think they call them, available. Are you able to replace
the bulb yourself?

Bob AZ

I opened it up and found a CCFL tube, about 2.7mm diameter by 92mm
The closest I can find is

Its under $20, so what the heck we'll give it a shot.