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Default Recommendation Request: Good PnS Digital

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Greetings All:

I am looking for recommendation for a good Point-n-Shoot digital
camera to give repair engineers so that they can take good close-up
photos of defects to include in reports and/or email back to the main
office for consultations.

Basically, the characteristics I think are important a adjustable
flash intensity and adjustable apeture. Maybe also a pre-set macro/
close-up mode......and of course inexpensive (under $120....??). Any
other features to suggest?

Trips to the local Best Buy and Target have proved fruitless. It seems
adjustable apeture and flash intensity are no loner common features on

Recommendations and/or advice highly appreciated.

It may be that adjustable aperture and flash are uncommon on cheap
cameras. Frankly, you will not get a whole lot for $120.