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Default FS: Olympus Stylus 400 Digital Camera For Sale - Brand New In Box

Just bought the Stylus 400 for my wife over the internet. Got it and
it was TOO small for her. She has long fingernails and could not
easily work the buttons. It literally has taken about 3-4 pictures
and then put back in the box. I'll take a 10% restocking fee hit if I
send it back to buy dig.

I've got an extra 128 Meg XD card for it, plus an extra battery.

I'll ship & insure for free.
There is a 40 rebate, but since it was purchased in my name, I may
have to be the one to apply for it. If you let me cut out the UPC
code from the box, the price is as shown. Otherwise, add $40.

Here is what I paid:

$305 - Camera

-$40 - rebate

$55 - 128 XD Card from (This I can send back with no
restocking, so if you don't want it, just say so.)

$20 - spare battery (high capacity, not the cheap $7.00 ones on

Total = $340 without UPC, $380 with.

Thanks - reply here, don't e-mail cause it does not work.