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Default shooting the eclipse

On 2012-05-15, Alan Justice wrote:
I'll have a good view of the annular eclipse this weekend on the north coast
of California (weather permitting). Lots of warnings about looking directly
at the sun. I've plenty of shots with the sun in the field with no apparent
ill effects on the camera. But now I shoot digital, so how fragile is the
sensor? Should I just put it on "live view" so I don't have to look
directly at it? (Canon 1DM4). Do I need ND filters /polarizer. I expect
I'll use a 600 with a 2x for a nice full view. Anyone with experience here?

The Sun requires a safe filter. Photographic ND or polarizing
filters will not be safe because they pass infrared. See
I use a Baader solar filter that I got from Oceanside Photo It's a little late in the day to mail order
a filter. The eclipse will not be visible from my location, except for a
glimpse of a partial phase at sunset, so I'm not doing any photography.
Part of the June 5 transit of Venus will be visible, and because
the next one of those isn't until 2117, I will try to photograph it,
weather permitting.