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Default Ghosting Problem

quote who= McLeod /:

The problem is the fact that you have, in effect, two exposures. I
don't know whether you're shooting digital or slide or negative but
with positives the area of the sky is so overexposed there is no data
left anyway. Your flash exposure seems good and your ambient
exposure, at least for the street and trees is already underexposed.
Can you change your camera height? If you shot slightly down you
would have perfect results. Or change your point of aim so there is a
darker background behind your subjects. The lighter your background
is the more pronounced the ghosting effect will be.

Ya. I figured as much. Thanks for the reply. I have shot some pointing

Not great shots, but as you can see, no major ghosting..

Same corner as where the ghosting image happened but pointing more where
the trees are.

Anyhow, this goes to prove your point that finding a dark background makes
all the difference.

Thanks for the reply,


Justin F. Knotzke