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Default Ghosting Problem

quote who= Alan Browne /:

The real issue here is the background needing to be dark enough
to not saturate the film where you want the bikers to be frozen.
If you reduce the exposure, then "white" sky will become greyer
and the trees/buildings will tend to silhouette. Solution:
capture the bikers where the BG is naturally dark.

Hmm I suppose. Easier said then done of course. ;-) They are flyin by at
45km/h.. But I see your point. I'll try to setup pointing a little more to the
right. There's a block of trees there..

Slide film? If you meter a white sky, then open up 1.7 to 2
stops (of aperture as your speed is predtermined for blur in this
case), if you meter a blue sky, then 1 stop will do. That will
give you the non-flash portion of the image.

The flash portion of the image is dictated by the TTL flash
system. Assuming you're using the F5, this should be minimally
complex and there should be little reason to flash compensate
with these subjects... in your shots the jersey reds are nicely

Ok. I think I follow you. I had to read your post a few times to get it.
But the idea is to expose for the background, and let the flash do the rest. I
use the flash to get out facial expressions. Helmets and sunglasses are great
for the riders, but crappy for the photogs. I can get eyeballs and suffer
faces much better with the flash then without.

At first I was dead against using a flash for anything unless required. Now
I am starting to really see the advantage. It gives me better contrast, makes
my subjects pop out.

In late August when the final races come up, the race ends in almost
darkness. I was dreaming of setting up 3 or 4 alien bees with pocket wizards on
one corner and firing away. I'd have two at the front pointing up and two at
the back pointing down.

I'd probably cause a massive crash though. ;-)

Oh and yes, I am using the F5 and I am shooting Sensia or HP5+ (depending
on how much money I have left in the account that week grin).

I've been shooting this race now for about 4 weeks and I am learning tons.
A lot of guys show up with monster glass (300 F2.8) and stand on the same
corner and wait.. I can't see how that's going to get you a great image. Even
with glass that long, you still have the problem of riders getting in the way
or other riders. You are mostly stuck with shooting the guys in the lead. I'm
using 80mm and getting in so close that I think some of the riders are trying
to knock the camera out of my hands.

I still want an 80-200 F2.8 though. ;-) B&H has one for $475USD used..
Anyone wanna buy a... oh crap, I have nothing left to sell.

I like your series of cycling shots, BTW!

Thanks Alan. Much appreciated.


Justin F. Knotzke