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Joseph Meehan
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Default Dust on sensor?

phk wrote:
I've been reluctant to switch to DSLR because of the potential
problems with dirty sensors caused by the ability to remove the lens.

Is this a real problem with DSLRs, or not as bad as it seems.

Yes to both.

It is a problem IF you get dust on the sensor. If you are working in
certain dusty areas or are not careful when changing lenses, you may get
dust ( I have not had any yet and I change lenses a lot )

Once you get dust, it can be a little more difficult to get out of there
than it would seem, but not impossible and if you ever get the problem, just
come back and check out existing questions or ask a new one and you will get
the latest instructions on how to clean it. If you don't get dust, don't
worry about it and don't even try to clean it.

appears that Canon recommends use of a hand-held blower for dust
removal, but I wonder whether that actually works. Dust is often
tenacious and bonds itself to surfaces in ways that are resistant to
simple blowing. Maybe the best example is my eyeglasses. Once they
get dusty, only windex will clean them thoroughly.

Joseph Meehan

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