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Bill Funk
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On 4 Oct 2005 18:56:56 GMT, (DoN. Nichols) wrote:

Clearly it means a transmission that is neither amplitude,
frequency, nor phase modulated. Any such modulation necessarily
must cause a discontinuity in the wave. The only thing you can
do is turn it on and off... which is called radio telegraphy!

Well ... to *my* mind, even keying (turning on and off) is a
form of amplitude modulation -- a rather extreme one at 100% modulation.

And it is certainly causing a discontinuity in the wave.


Years ago, when I started my hobby of listening, there were several
people who put forth the same argument.
The resounding response was: NO!
When the key is off, there's no wave present; you can't modulate
something that isn't present.
So, no, it's not a form of modulation.
It *is*, though, a form of data transmission. :-)

Bill Funk
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