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Default Zone VI Archival Print Washer Parts

Jeff Neale wrote:
Greetings All
I Found a used Zone VI Washer 11x14 at a local camera store. In
pretty good shape at a good price. Seems to work fine but what's the
purpose of the two spare acrylic sheets that came with it ?? They're
about 17" X 4 1/2" but don't seem to fit anywhere in the washer unless
I remove some print dividers.
Any brilliant ideas ?? Thanks All..Jef

IIRC, they were so you could remove all the dividers, and you put those
things in. Then you could put one of their negative washer baskets in
there with the sheet film in the basket for washing sheet film. I never
bought the basket or thought of washing negatives in there. For paper,
the slow water flow rate is appropriate, but I prefer a much faster
water flow rate for washing negatives. IIRC, Kodak recommend 6 changes
an hour, but I may be mistaken. I generally wash the negatives in the
developping tank and have about one change per minute for 10 minutes. I
fill the tank with the negatives in there, jiggle the reels a little and
dump it. Then I let it refill and wash 5 minutes. Then I dump it, let it
refill, and wash another 5 minutes. This after one minute in KHCA, or

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