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Robert Feinman
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In article , neux_55-
I have a large (1000+) amount of 35mm transparencies to scan to DVD and=

have been looking in Jessops ( UK ) at their brand (1800dpi) at =A3100- N=

would I be better off with a Minolta at =A32-300 more? Or would the quali=

of the Jessops cheapie be sufficient?=20
I will also be using the scanner for 35mm film negative scanning, does=

this require the better quality scanner...=20
Gel. =20

The rule-of-thumb is to take the dpi of the scanner and divide by 300 to
get the degree of enlargement you can expect with best quality for
prints. So, 1800/300 =3D 6x or about a 6x9 inch print. If you print at=20
240 or 200 you can go a little bigger with some loss of sharpness.=20
1800dpi is more than needed for online viewing where most images are in
the range of 600-800 pixels.
The real question is why do you want to scan so many images? What are=20
you planning to do with them? If you are just archiving them why do you
think that the digital format will be a better choice than just storing
the originals in good environmental conditions. If you want some more
advice on scanning go to the web site.
You can also read the scanning discussions in the tips section of my
web site as well.

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