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Jerry G.
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My vote is that the batteries are still bad, and there is nothing wrong with
the camera!


Jerry G.

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On Wed, 29 Dec 2004 00:42:55 GMT, "Fred"


Yes, sounds like it could be. One of these cold rainy weekends I'll take

apart and check all the solder connections, etc. Thanks, Ken, for your
correspondence and help!

Sounds very much like a Disaster Waiting To Happen.....

Well, we'll soon find out! I've already got the tools together -- let's
see.... duct tape, paper clips, sledge hammer, 24 ounce bottle of redskin
peanuts, TV Guide.... Yep! I'm all ready to go!

Now back to an update...

After using the AC adapter for awhile, I disconnected it and then ran it on
batteries only. This time I took 4 or 5 photos before the "battery low"
warning came back up. Then plugged back in with the adapter and it work
fully again. Probably not a revelation to the more advance folks, like
David, but I like to double check things before pulling out the chain saws.


Have a NICE DAY, David! Don't run out in front of any buses or anything.