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Michael A. Covington
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"R.Schenck" wrote ...
I'm planning on taking some pics of the eclipse thats occuring tonight.
have a tripod and a pentax k1000 with a 50mm 1:2 lens. I 've never taken
photo of the sky at night at all. I think I will be able to get some
decent pics of it.


A 50mm lens is far too short to get a meaningful photo. That won't stop
you from enjoying the sight, however.

Right -- the moon will be pinpoint-sized on a picture taken with a 50-mm
lens. If you can multiple-expose, you might get an interesting sequence as
the moon moves across the sky.

Do you have any kind of telescope or binoculars? If so, simply aim the
camera into the eyepiece. Try a very wide range of exposures.

Clear skies,

Michael A. Covington
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