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Just got back from shooting it.I used part of an 800 spd and a roll of 400
spd kodak, I jumped around with the times from 125 down to 1 and all around
inbetween with different apetures throughout. Maybe not the most
systematic way to go about it, but I figure that way I'll at least get some
decent shots. I shot a bunch at 'maximum apeture' so I'll see how that
turns out. I'll also probably be taking the film to a photoshop rather
than a convience processing place and let them know what I did. I also
took some shots of the cities across the water, I figure if they put out so
much light, might as well make use of it. I /think/ that I might be able
to crop and magnify the scans of some of them to get something nice out of
it, but yeah, the 50mm lens seems to include a lot of stuff, its all a
little 'distant' looking. THen the clouds came in, but I got a good bit of
the end of the eclipsing and a bunch of the 'pumpkin moon'.

A worthy thing to try out I think tho! Thanks for the advice from the