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I'm planning on taking some pics of the eclipse thats occuring tonight. I
have a tripod and a pentax k1000 with a 50mm 1:2 lens. I 've never taken a
photo of the sky at night at all. I think I will be able to get some
decent pics of it. I have 800 spd kodak film in my camera right now, I was
thinking of getting some 100 speed kodak film too prior to doing this,
however I've heard that positive film is good for night sky photos too,
anyone think it'd be worth the effort of picking it up instead or color
negative film? I think that I've seen something called 'superchrome' or
something like that, never shot with any postive film before. I guess I'll
only be getting slides from that tho, no light table maybe there's an old
projector around here somewhere, so maybe thats not really worth it.

I don't have a 'remote trigger' or whatever for my camera either.

So this might prove interesting, anyone can think of a particular tip? I'm
planning on dropping the shutter speed down pretty low and, as i've heard,
'bracketing the hell out of it'. Whats the deal with the 'B' setting tho?