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Default Eclipse of moon on Oct. 27

2000mm lens (or Meade LX10 in my case) is too long on a 10D as the moon
image is larger than the sensor, but OK on a 35mm.

"Gordon Zola" wrote in message
There is a full eclipse of the moon coming up this month, and you will
be able to view it well from North America. It starts at 9:14 PM and
ends at 12:54 AM, with the period of totality between 10:23 and 11:45,
all eastern times.

Better catch it now, because the next one is in 2007.

To get a good picture, use a long lens (2000mm if you have one, for a
digital or 35mm camera). Turn off the autoexposure (and the flash
:-/). When still fully illuminated by the sun, expose for a
darkish-grey object lit by the sun (around f5.6 at 1/200 for ASA 100).
During totality, your guess is as good as mine... but chances are you
will have to use a fairly slow shutter speed and the image will blur
because of movement.

...unless you have a clock drive! Anyone have a design for making a
simple one?