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Default jump from regular ink printer to ink tank system-worth it?

On 10/8/20 12:37 PM, nospam wrote:
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On 10/7/20 12:52 PM, Dimitris Tzortzakakis wrote:
I have the Canon EOS 30 (not digital!I scan my negatives but never mind)
recently serviced bought NOS 10/2019 and I am printing all my colour
prints on my Canon Pixma MX925. An excellent printer in all aspects
except ink costs. A magenta, cyan, yellow or black ink (XL) costs 17
euros and has only 11 mLs of ink. I searched for a tantamount ink tank
all-in-one photo printer and came with 2 results, unfortunately quite
expensive for my limited budget!The Epson L850 for 400 euros from and the Epson L6190 for 449 euros from The
former is with a generous discount and is a real photo all-in one with 7
inks while the latter is the typical office that can print also photos
and is 49 euros cheaper. Plaisio is infamous for its crappy range of
products that are made in China with the badge of Turbo-X. Also it is
infamous for its poor support and bad handling of sensitive items like
hard drives I'd like to stay away from them.My old printer would
go to my sister who has an ancient laser on an ancient laptop that
hardly runs. So this project will remain a dream unless I can make a
major contract to build a house!Electric-wise (I am an electrician) or
fix 10 washing machines in a week, lol.(I also repair white goods_.I'm
very pleased with my Pixma but I have paid twice its value in ink costs,
not to mention the environmental impact (all the package and
manufacturing and the inks to be shipped from Japan).

Have you considered off-brand ink cartridges? I have a Canon Pixma ix
6820 and once the original ink cartridges ran out, I purchased off brand
with no problems. I am using "Office World" brand from Amazon.

off-brand ink is an incredibly bad idea for several reasons, including
worse colour, higher potential for clogging and also invalidating the
warranty. some printers use chipped cartridges to prevent that, which
would need to be bypassed, further adding to the hassle.

The original poster is not in the USA, so his country may be different.
However, the 1975 Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act (15 U.S.C.A. 2302) forbids
the conditioning of a warranty upon the purchase of any product or service.

If your printer uses chipped cartridges, and you buy off-brand chipped
cartridges, the chip will be ready for use from the supplier- no hassle.

Off-brand ink has the potential to be variable in quality. So does brand
name ink. Generally, very generally, if the cartridge is well packaged,
and the third party conducts itself in a professional manner, generally,
the cartridge is more likely to, generally, be good.

at a minimum, the printer will need to be recalibrated each time.

I seldom use my printer for photos- I have a full darkroom in the basement.

then you're ending up with poorer quality photos, another bad idea.

a decent photo printer with a digital workflow will do a significantly
better job with a lot less hassle than a darkroom ever could.

I will not discuss this with you. You are wrong, but the horse is dead;
it's not worth my effort to beat it any longer.

Ken Hart