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On 11/9/2017 9:03 AM, nospam wrote:
In article , Alan Browne

meanwhile, the rest of the world wants to do actual work, not open
up their computer and swap parts all day long.

The usual asshat reply from nospam. People don't "swap parts all day
long". They do it when needed from time to time.

actually, they don't. the vast majority of users have someone else
repair their computer, just as they do with their cars, tvs and other

When a drive is failing, failed or not large enough it is trivial to
remove and replace. About 10 minutes with most desktops.

only if someone has the skills and tools.

Most people I know have the necessary screwdrivers. If not, they are
available at their local hardware store, for very little money. It is
trivial to open the box and add a drive, or memory. I have someone else
do it, because of a physical limitation. When I tell a repair guy what I
want, and stand there and watch, the time to repair is short, and the
price is very reasonable.

while readers of usenet might, the general public is not going to open
up a computer to swap a hard drive.

On a current iMac it can easily take an hour or more. Tedious. And no
reason to make it so difficult other than the Apple aesthetic.

the reason is that opening a computer is rarely done, if ever, and
optimizing for that scenario stupid.

By that reasoning, all PC box manufacturers and assemblers, including HP
and Dell are run by stupid people.

it makes a lot more sense to optimize a computer for every day use,
versus something that *might* happen.

some cars have the battery in the wheel well, requiring a wheel to be
removed just to swap the battery. since car batteries usually last 5-10
years, that's a very good design decision.

Ah! more vague advice from the world's best industrial designer.