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Default Oh dear, Stacey....have those good vibrations stopped?

G.T. wrote:

Stacey wrote:
lens crack wrote:

Some guy buys a store demo and is shocked the camera is full of dust? How
many months/years has it been on the shelf?

Didn't it have a freakin' body cap or lens on it?

Who knows? You really believe a salesperson at a store would worry about it?
We have no idea how this camera was handled do we? It could easily be a 2
year old sample that has sat months at a time with no cap or lens..

This thread on the OM forum is the first I've seen in the year I've been
reading there about a camera with problem sensor dust and he even says it
has dust all in the viewfinder. Does that sound like it had a body cap or a
lens on it?

"The focusing screen is also kind of dirty."

this was an interesting coment or did you miss that one as well?

"I called the local Olympus distributor and they told me they don't have
experience cleaning CCDs."

If this thing didn't work, don't you think they might have had to clean a
sensor or two?

Also here is a coment in that thread from someone who uses a Canon FF camera
and a E1:

"The SSWF really works extraordinarily well. If you use a DSLR with
interchangeable lenses, then you risk dust contamination. That is fact. The
Olympus SSWF is the best system to reduce that risk. In over 18 months,
I've had to (that is had to) clean my Olympus sensor just once , plus I did
it because I could. Bear in mind that I change lenses in all weather and in
climatically hostile environments without any extra care.

My Canons have had scores of sensor cleans, sometimes daily, during the
same period (that's lot's of Eclipse and quite a few cotton buds).

The Olympus system works. It's really apparent if you happen to also use an
alternative camera system. "

Why would it gather
more dust sitting on a shelf than being used out in the field?

See above.

cannot seriously believe that shaky thing can shake the sticky dust off
of a filter, do you?

Ask most people who use these, most say they have never had to manually
clean their sensors or worse case every year or two.. It works whether you
believe it or not.