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no_name wrote:
Jan Böhme wrote:

no_name wrote:

Jan Böhme wrote:

With "google" there wouldn't be a theoretical chans to confuse
everyday sense with the technical one. So why would you think
cricketeers would stop using it?

I thought the word in cricket was "googlie".

The noun, yes, which is what one would normally use in most
instances. But at least according to Jeremy's dictionary there is a
corresponding verb, "to google".

Jan Böhme

Ok, I went back through the thread & found the dictionary citation.

Now for something completely different ...

The definition doesn't actually tell what it is. It defines google
terms of itself; "to have a 'googly' break".

What exactly makes a "break" googly?

Googly a 'trick' ball bowled by a *leg spin bowler* which spins the
opposite way to the way the batsman is expecting [also *Bosie,
wrong'un*] -- _CRICKET EXPLAINED From Grubbers to Googlies-A
Beginner's Guide to the Great English Pastime_ Robert Eastaway, St,
Martin's Press 1992

It'd be remiss to pass through this thread witout mentioning Barney
Google and his goo- goo- googly eyes.

Frank ess